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A physicist by training, Hideo explores a nexus of conventional scientific research, craft (as a dedicated ceramist and occasional textile maker), interdisciplinary humanities (from a home base of aesthetic philosophy, new materialism, and literary theory), and integrative education.

Hideo teaches and directs a research laboratory at Stanford University as a Professor of Applied Physics. His group’s sponsored research focuses mainly on quantum optics and physics of computation; his personal research further extends to the science of traditional craft materials and processes. Hideo teaches undergraduate courses that center craft and student making, and/or bridge STEM fields with the arts and humanities.

Hideo (he/him) was born and raised in Massachusetts, received formal degrees from Princeton (A.B. in Physics, 1992) and Caltech (Ph.D. in Physics, 1998), and served on the Caltech faculty for nine years before moving to Stanford in 2007. In 2000 he received a Fellowship from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, which brought him into community with invaluable new mentors and role models.


Materiality, Materials Science, and Material Agency, 2018
Stanford Archaeology Center

Function and Metaphor, 2021
NCECA Annual Meeting

Japanese Functional Objects, 2022
Stanford News video production

Science as Art (panel), 2022
Union of Concerned Scientists

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Hideo can be reached via DM on Instagram/Twitter (links below), or by email at hmabuchi at stanford dot edu.


The Art & Science of Knowing Things
(Mint Museum) February 2020

(SFMOMA) March 2022

Reflections on Colorspace
(MacArthur X-Grants) September 2022

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